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No one can deny the success of Google. In the world of marketing, if your brand can evolve into the verb, it’s fair to say you’ve cracked it. Success is yours-very well done.

Nowadays we don’t just research something online, we “Google it”.

Hoover did it. And it lasts a long time. Mr Dyson must be furious when he hears people in focus groups talking about “Hoovering with the Dyson” or “I need a new Hoover, I think I’ll go for that cordless Dyson”.


Google’s rise to the top our awareness has been meteoric but not without its own growing pains. Its first search engine incarnation was called BackRub. Catchy, eh? Sometimes a name change is appropriate. If you’re interested in its origins here’s a superbly insightful explanation from some very clever people at Stanford University.

If you fancy delving a little deeper into Google’s history click here for their full back story.

Meanwhile, what next for Google and what can we take away from what they’ve achieved to apply to what we do?

Enter stage left, very soon, Google’s Buy Button. Designed to make buying easy.

With our patience threshold diminishing and a growing appetite for impulse purchases, the Google Buy Now Button is an obvious, natural progression for the world’s number one search engine. It makes buying easy.

Soon, when we “Google something”, as well as the huge list of search results we’ll be presented with strategically placed “Buy Now” buttons.

Liz Gannes of confirmed it in this blog but her colleague Jason Del Rey warns of challenges ahead for key social media players.

The plan is that you’re quickly converted from browser to paying customer in as few clicks as possible.

It could be seen as Google playing catch-up with Amazon. It’ll be interesting to see how this evolves. No organisation is better placed to capitalise than Google. However, care is needed because if Google compromises its highly trusted and highly regarded position in the hearts and minds of its users, then other search engines are available! But for now, the quickest way to find them is to type the words “search engines” into Google.

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