Until fairly recently, enhancing video with aerial drone footage was too costly for many video productions.

Drones have now become very widely available. Further, the technology has moved forwards to enable extremely high quality cameras to take flight.


This means that the whole world of opportunities that aerial footage opens up has become realistically affordable to many more people.

However, the proliferation of makes and models of drones on the market brings a new dilemma.

When is the right moment to add aerial drone footage to a video?

Just because we have the flying camera at our disposal it should not follow that every video should contain aerial drone footage as a matter of course. That would be like adding all of your favourite herbs and spices to every single dish that you cook. Meals would become very boring.

Adding a pinch of spice

Aerial drone footage adds something special to a production however it needs to be used sparingly and we’d suggest only when the overall production really benefits from its inclusion.

Take a look at the illustrations in the video here. As well as aerial drone footage, there’s a selection of tracked shots, time-lapse, crane shots and even some hand-held stabilised shots.

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Filming tracking shots on location

Planning and preparing a video should include consideration of all types and methods of obtaining compelling and interesting angles of the subject matter.

Thinking carefully about what you want the viewer of the video to think, feel and do when they’ve watched the video is an excellent place to start.

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