Social media channels are stepping up their efforts to embed themselves into our lives, habits and routines. For many Facebook has become as much a part of their regular daily activities as waking up!

Infact I’ve seen plenty of status updates that cover the moment in great detail.

So how can the gap between business and pleasure be bridged?

To what extent do you want to be mixing business with pleasure when you’re connected?

The lines have certainly blurred across all media. For example, research shows that our tolerance for watching pre-roll ads on YouTube before the thing we clicked to watch is remarkably high.

Same goes for TV, on the whole.

The doom-mongers who suggested that catch-up TV and smart boxes spelt the end of TV advertising because they assumed everyone would fast-forward or avoid ads, were completely wrong.

Facebook’s next step towards a constant, open mixed dialogue stream is coming. The ultimate in customer engagement – where barriers between brand touch-points disappear.

Facebook Pilot Scheme


Facebook is trialling Messenger integration with two online US retailers enabling real time conversations with their customers. And why not? You were just browsing for a new business shirt, white, in size 12 that had sold out so you might be interested to hear back from the store to let you know that it’s due back into stock tomorrow. You can see where this can go.

Everlane and Zulily are piloting this with live support from zendesk.

Zulily Facebook Business and Pleasure

Interesting to note that they’ve started with the business to consumer model. Online shopping is more of an organic step than business to business. Creative minds will be working overtime in the coming months, sussing out ways of manipulating the messages and conversations so that they can get the b2b job done as sweetly and seamlessly as possible.

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