GDPR is coming. We thought it might be useful to have GDPR explained in 60 seconds. The General Data Protection Regulation affects just about everybody in some way or another.

Yet many people in business seem oblivious to its implications. It’s a huge piece of legislation that covers a very wide range of applications. So how do you get people, particularly hard to reach business people, engaged?

Start with a brief video. About a minute to tell the story. It’s easy to ramble on about something when there’s no time-limit but it’s rather more difficult to distill the key facts down to 60 seconds!

If you’re thinking that this probably doesn’t affect you but you’re not sure, it’s as simple as this: if you hold any information about anyone then it almost certainly does affect you. Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses – you get the picture.

And anyone that chooses to ride rough-shod over the new rules could be in for a rude awakening. An £18m fine is enough to send shivers down the spine of any self-respecting CEO.

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The person responsible for enforcement is the Information Commissioner. Meet Elizabeth Denham, a formidable and extremely well respected professional data and privacy expert that is determined to safeguard the rights of individuals.

Does the ICO have teeth?

A Home Improvements business was given a £50,000 civil monetary penalty by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

A claims company was given a £250,000 monetary penalty.

A Financial Solutions company was fined £300,000 after they instigated the transmission of automated marketing calls to individuals without their prior consent.

A firm making automated telephone calls was fined £350,000 after they failed to ensure that marketing calls were only made to individuals who had consented to receive marketing.

What should you do about GDPR? A good place to start is the ICO’s Preparing for the GDPR – 12 Steps guide. You can read it here.

GDPR 12 Steps to prepare from the ICO

Another really useful online tool has been devised and published by the Information Commissioner’s Office. It’s a step by step, multiple choice radio button style process with separate tailored routes for data controllers and data processors. You do it anonymously. It really helps to have GDPR explained like this.

Once you’ve worked through the sections, which takes just a few minutes, the system generates a status for you and suggested action points. The exercise of answering the questions is quite an eye-opener as it highlights a number of aspects that aren’t entirely obvious to most of us.

You can link to it here or click the image below.

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