How to get more click-throughs in e-shots

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In this short video we walk you through an e-shot campaign sent to prospects and also visitors to the garden building manufacturer’s stand of CCS Midlands at Grand Designs.

Sending e-shots is an extremely effective way of communicating with your target customers. However, how do you gauge which parts of your e-shot are performing best?

We take you to some useful tools within Mailchimp where you can view results and see which of your various elements are performing best in terms of engagement via click-throughs.

We’re using Mailchimp to hold the lists, build out the e-shots and deliver them to the prospects. We walk and talk you through the process with a screen recording.

The tools in the dashboard allow you to go back over your campaigns and dig into the results. Drilling down into the specific areas that chimed-in with your prospects points you to do more of what’s working well and less of what didn’t capture attention.

If you’d like to explore how e-shots could help your organisation please click here to get in touch.

This is the video that we linked to from the e-shot:

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