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Google’s latest thing is called Art, Copy, Code. Might not sound too exciting on the face of it but before you judge, take a look.

If you need teasing further to tempt you to click, I’d be willing to bet you a cup of coffee that you’ll be impressed.

It’s video but with a twist. There’s interaction and customisation going on in the background. So you get to see a tailored, personalised video with elements that adapt and change.

Don’t believe me? Click on this link, then watch the dynamic film a couple of times and spot the differences.

Media Message Blog Art Copy Code Dynamic Film

This clever technology has already been put to work for brands like sports apparel manufacturer Nike, gaming monster EA Sports, fashion heritage label Burberry and world famous motor manufacturer Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen SmileDrive app is ingenious. Interactive, compelling and achieving wide appeal. Shortly after its highly successful launch 67% of its users were non-VW drivers. Can you imagine how hacked off some of the other major motor manufacturers are? Art Copy Code are creating ground-breaking ideas to connect brands to potential customers.

Media Message Blog Art Copy Code VW SmileDrive

Burberry’s Kisses campaign allows users to send virtual kisses on a journey to their recipient. Wherever in the world they happen to be, the journey is visualised on screen and follows landmarks as it goes. Interactive, engaging, memorable, clever and absolutely on-brand.

Have a look for yourself.

Media Message Blog Art Copy Code Burberry Kisses Campaign

Now, if I can just find a way to make it drive new business development openings…..

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Dave Myatt has spent thirty years in media and produces video content.

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