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Explainer Voice-over for Telephone Systems Cloud

This is an illustration of an explainer voice over production that we recorded to accompany a video that was produced for a worldwide audience on the internet. This can be recorded remotely and independently or, if you prefer, we can take live direction via skype so that you can have complete control throughout the recording. The voice-over talent is British male artist Dave Myatt, who is the founder of www.mediamessage.co.uk.

At Media Message – corporate video production, we provide professional corporate video production and voice-over services for corporate, business and educational organisations across the whole of the UK.

Here at Media Message we produce and deliver everything you need for a professional corporate video or a series of videos. We can deliver and produce everything from the preparation and planning, scripting, voice-over to filming and editing where needed.

Explainer voice over productions provide great value for money because the voice talent is working down the line in our professional studios. This reduces time and costs for travel and expenses without compromising on the delivery of the highest quality audio possible.

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