Pick Up a Penguin for Christmas

John Lewis Christmas Video 2014

It’s got to be the most talked-about TV advert of the year.

The sweet story of Monty the penguin is John Lewis’ seasonal gem for 2014.

Look at the results – 10.7m views, just four days after launch:


With a year’s head start, their 2013 offering has a slender lead of just 3 million views.

It’s all very clever; layered interactions that whistle you straight to the John Lewis website, salivating and ready to buy. BUT WAIT, if you’re thinking of picking up a penguin, click, check, oh no!

Shop_Monty___Mabel___Christmas __John_Lewis

Sold out? Four days in? How can the buyers have got their sales forecasts so spectacularly wrong?

Never mind, at least you’ve saved yourself £95.00.  Take comfort, watch it again and lose yourself in John Lennon’s masterful composition, Tom Odell’s performance of Real Love.

If you move quickly you’ll still get your new sofa delivered in time for Christmas.

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