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Twitter is already one of the world’s most powerful social media sharing platforms but what will happen to it now that video is added to the mix in a super-easy-to-use way?


It’s been possible to link videos and post to your Twitter feed before but their new Periscope feature brings video preparation and publication to a whole new level.

The app works like this: 1. Film something on your phone. 2. Edit it with drag and drop simplicity. 3. Tap to share it, within seconds.

You can even stream live video. You now have the power to become a broadcaster without setting up a network or equipment to film, process and transmit your video. No studio required!

When any of the folks you follow goes live you can jump in and share their experience, live, as it happens.

What’s this going to mean for people using Twitter to promote business?

There’s going to be some very interesting and creative ways of leveraging this incredibly powerful add-on.

Adding this tool to so many people’s phones means that there’s instantly potential video reporters on every street corner of the world.

Some are worried about copyright infringement, others concerned about security but one thing’s for certain; Harry Hill isn’t going to be short of weird and wacky clips because the amount of material to choose from is going to explode!

Veteran broadcaster Tony Blackburn started an impromptu Twitter live stream tour of Broadcasting House but had his wings clipped by bosses who said they weren’t quite decided upon how to use the new tech just yet, You can read the Independent’s full story here.

I wonder who’s going to be the first celebrity to start a broadcast then forget to disconnect and reveal something to the world that they’d rather remained private?

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