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Video content from awards is an excellent way to get more marketing mileage from your event. It costs a lot of money to stage an awards ceremony. It makes absolute sense to gain the most traction you can from your investment. Video works hard for you and your business long after the thrill and fun of the event has passed by. Well filmed, well edited videos tell stories and they have a very long shelf life.

Media Message Blog ImagVideo Content from Celebrating Construction AwardsMedia Message Blog ImagVideo Content from Celebrating Construction Awards ICC Birmingham

Here’s a blurry selfie just before the awards evening commences at the ICC in Birmingham. Celebrating Construction and Built In Quality Awards welcomed 660 guests. We filmed footage to create a promotional video plus interviewed winners and sponsors to congratulate them on their achievements.

The resulting video content will be seen on multiple websites, YouTube and used for a range of social media updates and promotional links.

Media Message Blog Image from Celebrating Construction Awards 2015

Even if the videos only reached the immediate guests then the investment would be worth it. They will reach further. Much, much further.

Video content from awards creates positive content. People have won something. They have been recognised as the best in their particular field. Applauded and congratulated by their peers. What’s not to like? Yet so often these precious moments are gone as quickly as they arrived. Then all too soon become a distant memory.

Photographs are a great way of reminding us. However video instantly tells the story, shows the emotion and really engages with the audience.

The videos created will be titled and tagged appropriately so as well as being shared extensively through various networks they will also be searched for and found. People now actively seek out video content via numerous platforms. YouTube leads the way in this area. It’s second only to Google when it comes to search requests. So if you want your brand to be “fishing where the fish are” then YouTube is where you should be laying your bait.

We’ll share some of the stories created very soon. For now, it’s back to the editing!

If you’re planning an awards ceremony and want to explore video content creation, click here to message us or give me a call on 07788 436400.

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